Hello, my name is Isaias. I’m a experimental electronic musician living out of Las Vegas.


I’ve been writing music since the age of 10 back in 2005. I started out using a Windows 95 modular tracker called Jeskola Buzz, making bleeps and bloops out of sheer boredom. Around 2007, I bought this domain and made a website to house all the weird music I was making.

The year is now 2017, and I’ve got a big catalogue of music dating back to 2005. My music has matured and steered its way through a great number of genres, only vaguely keeping connection with my electronic roots. And I plan to maintain a high caliber of deviousness.


The story is simple: I wanted the name waterboy for an e-mail address back in the first grade. The name was taken, so my dad added the u and swapped out the y for an i. It’s just a name that stuck because I’ve never seen it taken on any of the websites I’ve wanted to sign up for.

People keep asking about this, but no, it does not have anything to do with Adam Sandler’s movie The Waterboy. Instead, it just comes from the cliche for usernames, where people just stick two words together and a number to create a username. It could have been fireboy, or rather fiarboi since that name would have probably been taken too. Funny enough, I’ve seen people parody my name with different elements prefixed to boi and it’s an ongoing joke with my family and our online video game-related usernames.


I’ve worked for Maddox in creating the theme song for The Best Show in the Universe, and I’ve worked for Dick Masterson in creating the theme song for The Dick Show. (You can find The Dick Show theme song off my album, My Body, The Space Ship.)


I don’t care. I have personally uploaded my music to various piracy websites. As a kid, there wasn’t really an easy way for me to obtain music, especially with the crazy prices that artists were charging for their music back then. As an adult, I understand that there’s plenty of things to be prioritized over music. And I won’t think lesser of you for stealing my music. The metaphorical backdoor to my pastry shop is left open for a reason, and I’m aware that people are taking the dough.

What I will emphasize is that the money does help, when offered. It goes into living my life as a college student and paying for music equipment. So what I ask is if you can afford paying the $5 or $2.50 for my albums, please do it! And if you can’t, say hello. It means a lot.


I’ve let people use my music in the past, and I see no reason to change that now. If you want to use my music in your work, please do so! The requirement is that if your work is free, you simply credit me and contact me. If your work is going to cost money, just converse with me about it.


You can e-mail me at waut3r.official@gmail.com for pretty much anything - professional contact, fan mail, you name it. I’m involved in a lot of online communities, so don’t feel afraid to ask if I’m up for playing a game or something.